Melon and Starfish joins the SOKOLLAB family!
1st May 2019 | ON THE BLOG Melon & Starfish

Melon and Starfish joins the SOKOLLAB family!

In the heart of Soho London, you can find the very best of Korean beauty, and pop music at SOKOLLAB. 

The concept store brings together Korean collaborators (KOLLABorators) in one space, to showcase their favourite products to you. Ever wanted to try that BB cream shade, test the exfoliator out, and listen to K-Pop artists? This is the place to visit. The London store launched in April 2019

Melon & Starfish are honoured to join SOKOLLAB as the third beauty collaborator. Here is the interview between Gloria, our founder and the Sokollab team. 

SOKOLLAB: Hi Gloria, welcome to SOKOLLAB! Melon and Starfish is such an unusual name.Could you tell us how that came about?

MELON AND STARFISH: We are super excited about 'Kollaborating' with SOKOLLAB! That's a really good question. We do get asked a lot about our name. It seems a bit random but it symbolises our mission - to bring you the high quality skin care products because we want you to have the best skin possible - Melons are smooth, supple and resilient; Starfish are one of the only animals that can regenerate itself. We always have this imagery in mind when we select our products.

SOKOLLAB: We love the brands you are bringing in - Lanbelle, By Ecom and Aromatica to name a few.What are your favourites?

MELON AND STARFISH: Lanbelle would be our personal favourite :) Most of Lanbelle products have this unique ingredient, Tamanu Oil. This precious ingredient is extracted from the kernel of Tamanu fruit. Approximately only 5L of oil can be extracted from one tree of Tamanu.

Tamanu tree also has unique nickname: God’s tree. Tamanu fruit is known as miraculously omnipotent fruit among natives who live in Pacific Islands area such as India, Vietnam, Southern Pacific Area, and it is known to promote wound healing and skin cell regeneration.

SOKOLLAB: The range sounds amazing! What else do you think will work well with SOKOLLAB customers?Anything you would recommend them to try while you are in the store with us?

MELON AND STARFISH: I would definitely recommend SOKOLLAB customers to try BY ECOM's pure calming line. Since we brought BY ECOM to our online store, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers who struggled with their skin troubles. This pure calming line is awesome for combating skin blemishes, redness, acne and scars and all the products are non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin.

The highlight of the Pure Calming line has to be the Ampoule. It's packed with so many botanical extracts: Centella, Fig, TeaTree, Mandarin Orange, Brocolli, Liquorice, Green Tea, Eggplant and Turmeric Root. Plus, all ingredients are of EWG green class.

SOKOLLAB: Finally, can we be nosey and ask about what is coming up next from Melon and Starfish?

MELON AND STARFISH: This year, we're hunting for brands/products that are not only 'clean' on the ingredient list but also 'clean' on the packaging and manufacturing processes. In terms of which brands... that'd be a secret for now but they're coming soon!

SOKOLLAB: Thanks Gloria, we can't wait to try the new products with you!

Come and visit us at SOKOLLAB Soho Store between April 29th and May 13th to discover K-Beauty brands from Melon and Starfish. 


59B Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 3DZ 

Nearest tube stations Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square.

Hours: Monday - Sunday: 12 noon - 7.30pm