Not Too Little, Not Too Much

Lagom Cosmetics was born in 2015 as a collaboration between 12 renowned skin specialists (doctors, professors and experts) and Korea's top makeup artist Go Won Hye (known for 'water glow', 'honey glow' and 'flawless glow' looks). The products of Lagom contain AQUALICIA®, a peptide and a natural 3-in-1 active ingredient that retains water, distributes and reduces moisture loss.  It is a patented and Nobel Prize-winning formula which fills the skin with moisture and nutrition to the fullest, using the minimum products and healthy ingredients. The Lagom products are created with the idea of balance between ➕ and ➖ for the skin. Cellup products will wake up the skin cells for a better moisture supply channel. Cellus removes unnecessary from the skin and adds the necessary power of hydration.

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