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UNPA Pimple Brick 120g

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120 g
  • UNPA Pimple Brick 120g
  • UNPA Pimple Brick 120g
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  • UNPA Pimple Brick 120g
  • UNPA Pimple Brick 120g


This is a 100% organic soap made by drying natural ingredients grown by Donggubat which is social venture company. This is a cube-type soap that can be use for long-term storage by identifying the characteristics of the trouble-care products that need to be used continuously.

Pimple Brick is a natural trouble-cleansing soap made with the best ingredients and recipe that can be used on the body as well as on the face. Natural recipe for trouble skin - Pimple Complex - contains basil and lupeol which help control sebum, eggplant extract for trouble care, and centella asiatica which soothes skin with great anti-inflammatory effect. 

Pimple Brick comes in 4 x cube type soap. This can be used for long-term storage by identifying the need of using trouble care product products that should be used continuously over time. Because of the handmade process, each cube can have different mark and colour. Don't worry! All cube have the same ingredients and efficacy. It is safe for full body care. 

Key Ingredients: Basil powder, Centella asiatica extract, Eggplant extract, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Kakao seed butter, Violet powder


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