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UNPA Bubi Bubi Face 40ml

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40 ml
  • UNPA Bubi Bubi Face 50ml
  • UNPA Bubi Bubi Face 50ml
  • UNPA Bubi Bubi Face 50ml
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  • UNPA Bubi Bubi Face 50ml
  • UNPA Bubi Bubi Face 50ml
  • UNPA Bubi Bubi Face 50ml



It is a hypoallergenic bubble type peeling gel that also moisturises skin. The 3-step peeling transforms from gel into bubble then gommage for hypoallergenic dual care for pores and skin. Foaming formula softens pores and exfoliates away dead skin cells to brighten the appearance of skin. Help to solve problem with pores and dead skin: 

# Worried about dull skin tone
# Annoyed with large pores
# Have flaky skin after makeup due to dead skin cells
# Want to manage pores and dead skin at the same time

Key Ingredients: Pineapple extract, Papaya extract, Witch Hazel extract, Oat extract

TO USE: 1. Soak dead skin by tepid water or steamed towel and dry moisture. 2. Pump enough, and spread all over face exclude eye, mouth area. 3. Enjoy bubble pack for about 3~5 min. Until bubble has died down and dead skin has been softened. 4. After bubble has died down completely, rub smoothly for cellulose to push out from the dead skin. 5. Wash with tepid water, and apply toner. *Please be sure to wait until bubble die down, before rubbing face.


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