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PYUNKANG YUL 3-Step Mask Pack

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Step 1 Peeling Gel (2ml), Step 2 Essence Toner Mask (25ml), Step 3 Balancing Gel (2ml)
  • PYUNKANG YUL 3-Step Mask Pack
  • PYUNKANG YUL 3-Step Mask Pack
  • PYUNKANG YUL 3-Step Mask Pack
  • PYUNKANG YUL 3-Step Mask Pack



Pyunkang Yul’s 3-step mask pack provides for a perfect treatment masking experience by including a Step 1 Peeling Gel (to help ensure the mask’s goodness can penetrate your skin as well as possible) and a Step 3 Balancing Gel to seal in your masking session! The sheet mask itself features all the wonderful ingredients from Pyunkang Yul’s famous Essence Toner to soften, hydrate, brighten and makes skin soft and supple! The same fabric as the 1/3 Cotton Pad is used for the Sheet. The sheet completely and effectively delivers essence toner to the skin. Pyunkang Yul’s products feature short and sweet ingredient lists, making these great choices for sensitive skin.

- Start with a properly cleansed face.
- Apply adequate amount of Step 1 Peeling Gel on the wet face along with your skin texture to remove skin waste and sebum.  Wash off.
- Apply Step 2 Sheet Mask that is made with the same nutrients of Essence Toner - carefully unfold the sheet mask and apply to your face lining up the eye- and mouth-areas. Leave on for 10-20 minutes then remove mask, gently patting in any excess essence until it is absorbed.
- Apply adequate amount of Step 3 Balancing Gel and gently tap on the face until it is fully absorbed.


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