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PACKAGE Everyday Bouncy Facial Mask

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1 single-use mask, 30 ml
  • PACKAGE Everyday Bouncy Facial Mask
  • PACKAGE Everyday Bouncy Facial Mask
  • PACKAGE Everyday Bouncy Facial Mask
  • PACKAGE Everyday Bouncy Facial Mask

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This lightweight PACKAGE Everyday Bouncy Facial Mask sheet in a playful illustrated package contains honey, propolis, hyaluronic acid and Galactomyces fermented filtrate to intensely moisturise your face to provide it with a healthy glow and bouncy skin right after use. The mask is made of Tencel sheet: Lyocell fibre, a type of rayon. It is made of cellulose, a more eco-friendly choice. It is soft, has anti-microbial properties and wicks away moisture. It is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, fragrances, silicone, pigments, PEG, and phenoxyethanol to minimize any skin irritation or reactions.

TO USE: Apply to cleansed and toned skin. Leave 15-20 minutes. Remove mask and pat in rest of serum into skin for full absorption.

About PACKage x Hapooooom

PACKage mask series was the result of collaboration between PACKage and the young graphical package designer HAPOOOOOM. Whilst the PACKage embraces the concept of being fun and colourful, good for daily skincare use, HAPOOOOOM is a young designer and most of his works are based on a relaxing ink air balloon traveling around the world with a positive concept of happiness moments in daily life. 

  • Overall artwork concept: Even though air balloon is slower than air plane, It brings special rest to travel. 
  • Concept with this collaboration: Even though it is slower than going to dermatologist to improve skin, good mask pack also bring special rest to our daily life. (read more about the designer on this page: