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OLIVARRIER Fluid Oil Squalane 30ml

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30 ml
  • OLIVARRIER Fluid Oil Squalane 30ml
  • OLIVARRIER Fluid Oil Squalane 30ml
  • OLIVARRIER Fluid Oil Squalane 30ml
  • OLIVARRIER Fluid Oil Squalane 30ml
  • OLIVARRIER Fluid Oil Squalane 30ml
  • OLIVARRIER Fluid Oil Squalane 30ml


An Oil-less oil that overcame the weakness of oil with faster absorption than water. The freshness and quick absorption provides enough moisture for any time of the year, keeping the skin smooth by making the dead skin cells elastic without blocking the pores. The ingredient similar to the skin will improve the dryness and the roughness of the skin safely. The colourless, odourless, and harmless plant squalane is the only ingredient contained in the product. The single ingredient oil will soothe the tightness of the skin, dry eyes and lips, rough hands and nails, damaged hair, sensitive and weak skin of expecting mothers and babies. ** All of Olivarrier's products are dermatologist-tested, certified Vegan and Cruelty-free, free of toxins, EWG verified and hypo-allergenic.

- Fast absorbing, hydrates the skin.
- Non greasy, skin softening.
- Strengthens natural protecting barrier.

The Must Know * Squalane - derived from the highest quality olives (only 0.2% make the cut!), squalane is great for all skin types including oily and acne-prone skin as it is non-comedogenic; it helps moisturize, soothe, prevent irritation, fight bacteria, and prevent damage from free-radicals




Light and glow moisturiser that everyone wants. It is 100% vegetable squalane that only 0.2% can be obtained from extra virgin oil extracted from healthy olives. It is similar to human’s sebum and keeps the skin fresh without oil stickiness. A fragrance-free, colourless, non-preservative safe ingredient that fragile babies, sensitive pregnant women, dry and sensitive skin, trouble-prone skin, that is, basically everyone can enjoy safely plenty of moisture.


Dryness by environment
Active oxygen and lipid peroxide, caused by air pollution, stress, instant food, and high temperature, make the skin ageing and dry.
The oxidation of lipids is done by heat, light and air.
They are all inevitable in our lives.

Feel still dry?
Healthy skin maintains 20-30% moisture and 70-80% oil.
Dry skin often thinks of lack of moisture, but is often lacking in oil.  To prevent dryness due to lack of oil, the lipid barrier of the stratum corneum must be maintained.


* Lipid peroxidation - It is caused by active oxygen and is similar to a stain on old cooking oil or yellowed butter. It causes dryness, aging, freckles and black spots, which are typical problems of skin.


Natural antioxidant squalane * Protects skin from ultraviolet rays and peroxide that cause ageing and dryness, and prevents roughness and dryness due to moisture loss. It is non-comedogenic ingredient that doesn’t clog pores and prevents the accumulation of thick keratin by keeping the keratin moisturised. It also helps strengthen the skin barrier.
Right moisture. One clear and transparent bottle is filled with customers' wishes. Effective moisturising for healthy skin, safe ingredients for me and my family, complete elimination of chemical ingredients, and credibility through clinical and demanding certifications. Responsible thinking about people and the environment creates the right products. And the right moisturising products make good skin.

Safe ingredients

We create natural cosmetics that considers raw material acquisition processes, safe production processes, and environmental impacts.




TO USE: In the last step of skin care, take one or two drops and finish by tapping into skin. If you are reluctant to use lipstick because of your lips keratin, please dip it on a cotton swab and gently use it on your lips. You can feel smooth lip condition. It can also be used as a moisturising and massage oil for newborns and pregnant women.


Texture type: It is a fragrance-free, transparent liquid that is lighter than normal face oil. Once it touches the skin, it spreads and absorbs quickly.

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