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HUXLEY Cream; Anti-Gravity 50ml

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50 ml

HUXLEY Cream; Anti-Gravity 50ml

A non-sticky antioxidant cream that smooths over rough and dull skin. It guards against various environmental stressors such as pollution and heat, and leaves your skin healthy, resilient, and nourished.

Recommended for

  • Those who want to protect the skin from various stressors
  • Those who want vibrant skin all day long
  • Those who are concerned about ageing as the skin becomes less resilient
  • Those who want a lightweight nourishing cream with a comfortable-wearing formula

How to Use

Every morning and night, after using an essence, apply an appropriate amount of cream onto palms and spread it along the skin texture.


HUXLEY Cream; Anti-Gravity 50ml Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

HUXLEY Cream; Anti-Gravity 50ml

Posted by DM on 11th Apr 2018

This is the second pot of Huxley Anti-Gravity that I have bought after finding it to be not only a beautiful moisturiser when used on my face but the only one I have ever used that instantly made a massive 90% difference on crepey neck skin. 10/10!

Good for dry skin

Posted by Jenny J. on 14th Feb 2018

I’m living up in the north and as you know the weather could make your skin very dry, so that was my case I have dry and sensitive skin I found this and it has been working very well for my skin. This product is a nice and refreshing moisturiser for everyday! My skin looks more healthy and moisturised since I’m using this. Has a fresh outdoors smell too.

Best winter cream for dry skin

Posted by Carol G. on 14th Feb 2018

Amazing! Holy grail for my dry skin. The scent is fresh. Keeps my skin supple and plump throughout the day. In love with this product!

Great cream for winter weather

Posted by s_s on 7th Jan 2018

Love this cream. First time I opened it I didn’t really like the smell of fresh grass, however now I got use to it I really like it. Very different scent to other creams from other brands so is a nice change. It is hydrating for dry skin and has a very small oily texture mixed in so is great for cold weather. Maybe a bit heavy for summer but fantastic for winter.

Amazing cream

Posted by Angie D. on 4th Jan 2018

This cream is amazing! I have dry and sensitive skin and it works wonders for me. The scent is delicate and pleasant and smells like freshly cut grass. The texture is so rich and creamy, but it absorbs well into the skin. It’s great both for morning and evenings and I put it on under makeup. Will definitely repurchase again. Great job Huxley!