HEYLO Royal Propolis Mask

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33 ml x 1 mask
  • HEYLO Royal Propolis Mask
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This luxurious sheet mask with 33ml of gel type essence for nourishing and anti-ageing benefits. Propolis extract which is also known as an excellent source of nutrition helps strengthen skin barrier, hydrate and replenish nourishment, making your skin moist and radiant. Honey Extract in the formula acts as a natural hydrator to nourish and help reduce inflammation. Pollen Extract infused to revive fatigued skin due to external aggressors.

- After cleansing, carefully remove mask from packaging
- Place over the face + wear for up to 20 min
- Pat excess essence into skin to aid absorption

Say hello to healthy skin! HEYLO understands that it’s difficult to maintain a work-life balance. That's why the brand offers a luxurious yet inexpensive skin care experience with its Korean-made sheet masks. Developed with women in their 20-30s in mind, the masks provide a 15-minute getaway to destress, detoxify skin and unclog pores. Heylo to your natural skin!