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HEIMISH Experience Kit

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  • HEIMISH Discovery Kit
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Revitalised skin in minutes.

Introducing the Heimish Discover Kit, which contains all five bestselling products from Heimish. This curated kit includes top products of All Clean series (cleansing balm + cleansing foams) that are perfect for double cleansing, an easy and energising morning mask that instantly reduces puffness, plus a lightweight and brightening moisturiser.

Kit includes:
- Heimish All Clean Balm (deluxe sample, x 1 mini)
- Heimish All Clean Green Foam pH 5.5 Mini (30ml)
- Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam (pouch samples x2)
- Heimish Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream (pouch samples x2)
- Heimish Black Tea Mask Pack (deluxe sample, x 1 mini)

Heimish focuses on individual’s uniqueness and beauty. It effortlessly draws attention and can win one’s heart even if applied lightly. Makeup that lets YOU stand out, including Artless series, All Clean Balm to help you achieve the season's hottest looks.