GR8 All Day Glow Mask

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27 g x 1 mask
  • GR8 All Day Glow Mask
  • GR8 All Day Glow Mask
  • GR8 All Day Glow Mask
  • GR8 All Day Glow Mask

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How's your skin weather? GR8 All Day Glow Mask with essence containing lacto bacillus and glutathione that makes your skin radiant from deep inside, as if you did makeup. Solution for dullness.

The mark sheet is made of 90% Tencel Cotton and 10% Microfibre. The GR8 thermometer mask features a smart colour-changing star mask design. The lower the skin temperature, the darker the star colour stays. The stars will change colour according to skin temperature. In addition to the "thermometer" function, it is also the "timer" for masking. When the stars appear, it means "cooling process is completed!" You can take off the mask, you will find that the thermometer mask is extremely moisturising!

After cleansing and toning, leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes. Once all the stars disappear, remove the mark gently. Massage remaining serum into skin.

The choice you make everyday will lead to the best of you! It's fine, YOU are always GR8 (great)!