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DR ORACLE Radicalclear Mild Peel - Pearl Bright 100ml

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100 ml
  • DR ORACLE Radicalclear Mild Peel - Pearl Bright 100ml
  • DR ORACLE Radicalclear Mild Peel - Pearl Bright 100ml
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  • DR ORACLE Radicalclear Mild Peel - Pearl Bright 100ml
  • DR ORACLE Radicalclear Mild Peel - Pearl Bright 100ml


A non-abrasive peeling gel with pearl extract that lints to remove dead skin cells without irritating skin.

This mild peeling product contains non-irritating natural properties that lighten up your skin! It is enriched with 2000pm Pearl extract, which offers non-abrasive exfoliation with brightening effect. The peel thoroughly removes dead skin cells to restore soft, supple skin texture while Pearl ingredients effectively brighten and hydrates skin after exfoliation to create dewy, clear skin with radiance. 

The Fermented Bean Extract moisturises while Cinnamon Extract improves the skin texture. The Natural Proctector (patented ingredient) is an herbal mixture that soothes and moisturises the skin and controls sebum production. It reduces signs of stress and regulates sebum and leave fresh and supple. 

Recommended for: All skin types, Sensitive, Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination.

Dr Oracle's RADICALCLEAR line provides a smart cleansing care. When it comes to makeup, removing them is more important than putting them on. Radicalclear controls the pH level of the skin, leaving it clear, fresh and healthy inside and out.

TO USE: After cleansing, apply to dry skin avoiding the eye area and lips. Gently massage to loosen dead skin and dirt. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Use 1-2 times a week, depending on skin condition. Tips: Regular exfoliation is recommended, otherwise, skin becomes rough with uneven skin tone. Removing dead skin keep the skin clean and fresh, giving it a soft and supple look.

About Dr Oracle

Dr. Oracle is a well-known skincare brand founded by the Oracle Group in 2006. Backed by the largest network of dermatology clinics in Korea, the brand was developed by a team of over 40 dermatologists, and offers a wide range of skin care products that help provide bright, clear skin. All Dr. Oracle products are certified hypoallergenic.


Key ingredients: 

Pearl extract: Brightens, clears and moisturises skin
Fermented Bean Extract: Cares for dead skin cells and hydrates
Cinnamon Extract: Improves skin texture to leave skin baby soft

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