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DR ORACLE 21;STAY A-Thera Toner 120ml

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120 ml
  • DR ORACLE 21;STAY A-Thera Toner 120ml
  • DR ORACLE 21;STAY A-Thera Toner 120ml
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  • DR ORACLE 21;STAY A-Thera Toner 120ml
  • DR ORACLE 21;STAY A-Thera Toner 120ml


A fast-acting refreshing and hydrating toner for acne-prone skin to clear and rebalance pH. Hypoallergenic.

This no-fuss toner instantly calms inflamed acne and pumps skin with antioxidants to help skin heal faster and stay hydrated. Its main ingredient is bamboo water extract, which adds sufficient moisture to skin while green tea extract works to protect skin from environmental stressors. Free of artificial fragrance, parabens, and mineral oil, this hard-working toner is what you need to eliminate excess sebum and clear up skin faster.

pH level of 5.25 ± 0.75. Suitable for acne-prone, combination, oily or normal skin types.

Dr Oracle's A-Thera line gives instant relaxation to irritated and sensitive skin and helps maintain healthy skin balance. It revitalises tired and stressed skin to become clear and healthy while resolves your skin concerns through gentle hypoallergenic formulation.

TO USE: After facial cleansing, dispense a moderate amount to cotton pad and gently wipe across facial area. Or directly apply to face and gently dap until fully absorbed.


About Dr Oracle

Dr. Oracle is a well-known skincare brand founded by the Oracle Group in 2006. Backed by the largest network of dermatology clinics in Korea, the brand was developed by a team of over 40 dermatologists, and offers a wide range of skin care products that help provide bright, clear skin. All Dr. Oracle products are certified hypoallergenic.


Key ingredients: 
Green Tea+Sage+Grape Seed Oil: Anti-inflammatory, soothing. Controls sebum and unblocks pores
Bamboo Extract: Full of amino acids and minerals helps heal and soothe skin 
Centella Asiatica: Packed with vitamins A,B,C and antioxidants helps to combat premature wrinkles

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