Chapter 1 : Korean Beauty



Why Korean Beauty? 

Skincare First, Exceptional Innovation, One-of-a-Kind Ingredients, Better Value

Skincare Always Comes First

What really differentiates K-Beauty from rest of the beauty world is: Skincare Always Comes First. A classic Korean skincare routine includes at least 5 steps: double cleansing (both oil-based and water-based cleansers), toner, essence, moisturiser, and SPF-infused BB cream.

Tech Drives the SoKo Beauty Industry

Today, Korean beauty companies continue to set new trends in global beauty industry with their latest innovations, combining the country's centuries-old knowledge with new technologies. Just to name a few -  BB cream, sheet masks, the cushion compacts -  are now used and loved worldwide. News and reviews of products travel so fast, in fact, that Korean beauty customers are now shaping the market by creating their own demand via social media and Get it Beauty, a TV show dedicated entirely to beauty trends, how-to’s, techniques, and new products.

The Ingredients Are One-of-a-Kind

Korean skincare lines harness unique, natural ingredients with gentle formulas. When you're shopping for Korean beauty products, a few terms to look out on the labels: snail mucin, which hydrates and lightens scars; bee propolis, which soothes and enhances cell turnover; red ginseng, which has anti-ageing properties.

Competition Helps Better Value

Thanks to a competitive market, the Korean beauty industry keeps pushing beyond their current success, offering new products at low prices despite the high-quality ingredients. An inexpensive way to discover new and amazing, high quality beauty products. Do you like the sound of that?