CURESYS | Proven Dermatology for Your Skin

CURESYS, the young dermatological skincare brand, aims to provide you with the professional curing treatment at your own comfort. The team collaborates with a top tier elite research body, Skin Damage Revive Lab and developed their products with the most advanced skincare technologies in Korea. The Red Cure System line is specially designed for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin types. 

CURESYS Trouble Clear Toner 150ml CURESYS's Trouble Clear Toner is a spray type toner to soothe and hydrate troubled skin to control sebum. The bottle uses a new generation design and allows 180-degree rotation pump so that you can spray the mist even...
CURESYS Trouble Clear Serum 30ml - 5-IN-1 CALMING SERUM FOR OILY, COMBO SKIN CURESYS's Trouble Clear Serum is a hydrating serum that prevents from future breakouts and eliminates acne-causing bacteria. Packed with concentrated natural Tea Tree oil that...
CURESYS Trouble Clear Needle Patch (9 patches x 1 sheet) CURESYS's Trouble Clear Needle Patch is acne treating spot patch with micro-needles to clear blemishes effectively. The micro-needles are formulated with hyaluronic acid to increase skin's...
CURESYS Trouble Clear Foam Cleanser 150ml CURESYS's Trouble Clear Foam Cleanser is a gentle foam cleanser that provides 4-in-1 solution: soothe / sebum control / exfoliate / remove makeup. This high-density foam cleanser contains salicylic acid...