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A. BY BOM 2-Step Ultra Cool Leaf Mask

Patches 6 ml + Mask 5 ml

Ultra Cool Leaf Mask - BABY-COOLING IN ONE GO

A two-step mask with a sheet of green-coloured mask and leaf-patches seemingly taken from nature nourishes the skin and ensures the hydration with the cooling, relieving and moisturising effects.

Cool Leaf Patch: The concentrated cool leaf patch effectively targets areas of the skin that need extra moisture and resilience, such as smile lines, wrinkles, the under-eye area, and any other dry spots. Featuring concentrated lemon balm, mint, and apple extracts, the leaf patch relieves stressed skin and enhances skin elasticity.

Ultra Cool Leaf Mask: The deeply moisturising sheet mask provides soothing and cooling effects with agave extract, lemon balm, basil, aloe, and other herbs that refresh and revitalise the skin. The thin mask sheet is made of Lyocell, a natural cellulose material which clings perfectly to the skin and is biodegradable after use.


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